Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Symphony in Progress!

Progress is being made on the Symphony. This is actually kinda scary, seeing as I’ve been working on it, in one form or another, for about 2 years. It’s the longest I’ve had a project in progress, and that’s really cool. It also makes me want to finish is, so that I can:

  1. Really focus on some other ideas I’ve been working on (Sunshine Mint project, which if I pull off, could be AMAZING; film score project – some cool ideas in place, but I need to finish spotting the film first! Ack!)
  2. Get used to setting PERSONAL deadlines, so that I get used to finishing things quickly. It’s gonna be a skill I need – go figure.

The second movement of this thing is pretty much done (needs some revision to help with flow/pacing and dynamics), the first is about 30% orchestrated, but what is gonna be TOUGH is the third movement. I’ve got some cool motifs worked out, I’ve been doing some math (really!) for all the overlapping/offsets that is the ‘basic’ construct of the movement, but getting it all to sit together, and then orchestrated will take quite a bit of effort. Plus, I’ve just (in my head) changed what the starting key of the movement. How that’s going to affect all the work I’ve done leading up to it, I don’t know.

How long do I give myself to finish the symphony? Because I’m pretty bad at setting my own deadlines. But I need to FINISH this. Move on to newer and cooler and whatnot.

C’mon people, tell me what to do! Ha!

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