Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The tune referred to in the post below is done. It’s up at the website, and it’s looking like it’ll be performed in the next few weeks (if it hasn’t been already).
The piece, “The Fog at Evening-Time” was a nice change of pace from the scale that is my symphony-in-progress, which I’ve gotten back to in some degree. More on that when there’s real news about it.
Just for fun, I think I’m going to challenge myself to write one or two arrangements a week – just to keep myself sharp. And I’m going to get out of the rut of doing almost constant TTBB versions of newer pop tunes. Gonna try to get some good ol’ Jazz Choir II-style things going, mostly because it’ something that is a bit harder for me, but isn’t totally out of reach for me. Just a stretch. Heh.