Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've spent the last few days working on a cello solo. I've worked out some cool motifs, and have started a draft that is coming together nicely, which is pretty cool. In fact, it's quite rare that I'm so happy with something that is still a work in progress, much less at this early stage of this (only about a minute of actual 'tune' written). Things are going so well that I'm thinking that I'm going to do something abnormal when I'm done with this piece... I'm just going to throw the sheet music it up on the Internet (via my site) and see what/who picks it up (most likely, only one or two people, but you never know.).

Is this a way to get even a microscopically small amount of exposure? You bet your ass it is. Will it fall flat on it's face. Big chance of that, yes. Do I care? Oddly enough..... not really.

Anyway, I'm still writing this thing.

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