Sunday, November 27, 2011


I really do wonder how some composers do it... how they manage to be a wellspring of melodies and beautiful themes. I try to dig up something that evokes, something that catches your attention and leaves an impression on your mind. I don't care how little of an impression - I just want you to remember it.

That's the problem that I'm facing right now - I'm coming up with cool harmonic ideas, but the tune that I write to go along with things just never manages to measure up.

A part of things might be that I've never had a good process for writing (in general even, but that's another matter). Now, I'm not liking for some magical method that will net be something awesome, but a consistent process that can come up with a line that is at least serviceable wouldn't be too much to ask, right?

I am going to try some new ways to come up with a tune that I haven't really tried before... maybe something useful will result. Here's hoping.

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